Find New Music

How to find new/obscure music

Here are the most common ways I find new music:

I am a frequent Spotify user and I’ve been finding a lot of great stuff in my Discover Weekly. I also look at the related artists of the ones I’m interested in.

I have a bandcamp account that is several years old and has nearly 100 purchases. I usually follow people with similar tastes as mine, and also follow artists that I’m interested in so I can get notified on new releases. Another benefit of Bandcamp is that it will show you what users actually bought, which can help weed out the crap (and is better than just clicking around randomly).
You can also try Bandcamp Recommender and input genre tags/artists/albums.

Rate Your Music (RYM)
The RYM custom chart is very powerful. You can search based on very specific criteria (e.g. best punk of 1983). You can filter by genre/year/decade, filter by country of origin, and if you have an account you can also filter out anything you have rated. There’s an endless amount of stuff to discover at RYM.
Like spotify, you can look at related artists here. The site has been still going for a long time, I have a account that is over 10 years old.

For new music (upcoming weekly releases):

For upcoming releases, I check out this Metacritic list and the one at Album of the Year. There are also similar lists on other sites, like this and this.