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  1. I love to scrapbook about my husband interacting with his grandchildren. Our youngest granddaughter loves to cuddle on his lap and I have delightful pictures of that. After reading some of this weeks ideas, though, I want to do a page about him and his children – how he supported them and the funny things he used to say to them and how they still call him and ask for “how do you do this, Dad” questions. Wouldn’t his grandchildren get a kick out of a page like that?

  2. Great question, Mamoon. Here's an explanation from the book:   Outside-in methods such as positive thinking, affirmations and other techniques are examples of external interference. Other examples include smoking, drinking too much and internet addiction.  Does that help? J

  3. Elaine I lived outside of NE Ohio for decades and every fall I remembered Dick Goddard of Fox and his wooly bear campaign. I grew up with him (he is a local weatherman here) and that is his ‘brand’ to me lol. I haven’t seen a wooly bear in soo many years!

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